Image Courtesy of Colyn Thomas
CREMYLL BOAT YARD - Was purchased by Messrs Watermans, late of Anderton, from Mr Ridley in about 1870. The yard was subsequently sold again to a Mr Rogers who in turn sold it to its present owners Messrs Mashford Brothers in 1937. The yard has a long and honourable history and its excellence of workmanship is recognised throughout the sailing world. It has been said that if a Captain of an RN Ship was presented with a WEST COUNTRY CREW which contained Shipwrights trained at Cremyll he went to sea a happy man.During the 1939-45 War many Motor torpedo boats and high speed launches were built at the Yard for use with the ROYAL NAVY. Sir Francis Chichester and Sir Alec Rose are but two sea faring celebrities who have had strong ties with the Cremyll boat yard. The most recent successful launching was that of the vessel LONE STAR built especially for the Texan millionaire Joy Huggins
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