Image Courtesy of Colyn Thomas
Cremyll Tower House, the tower dated from the Italianate period of Ennert Augustus but was destroyed by a bomb 22 April 1941 during the second world war during German bombing. Two of the ferry crew were killed at the time whilst they were standing outside the shelter. This rare photograph shows the bomb damage. An ARP (Air Raid Precautions) organisation Rescue team attended the incidents at Cremyll. Notes diary of the time included:APRIL 22nd 1941 – Went to Cremyll to rescue people from Shelter (2 killed) and from there to Mt Edgcumbe House first but had to let it burn (from memory I believe this to be through lack of water with which to fight the fire) Got home at 4.45 in the morning.APRIL 23RD 1941 - Went to Mashfords Yard fire put out roof fire in Mr Mashfords own house but had to let Cremyll Tower Houses burn although we fixed Donkey Pump to slate trough. Liskeard Trailer pump came in the morning
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