Image Courtesy of Colyn Thomas
The Obelisk. Some sources of information suggest that the Obelisk was commissioned by the Countess of Mount Edgcumbe in memory of a pet pig. This was originally sited where the folly now stands. Apparantely the Countess adopted a pet pig and called it Cupid. Over the years it became her close companion causing great merryment amongst her contemporaries. Upon the death of Cupid a Kingsbridge Man published the following which read:
Ode to the Countess of Mount Edgcumbe on the death of her pet pig Cupid:

"Oh dry those tears so round and big
Nor waste in sight your precious wind
Death only takes a little pig
Your Lord and Son are still behind"

Other sources suggest the Obelisk was erected c1770 by Timothy Brett, a former Commissioner of the Navy in memory of his friend George 3rd Baron Edgcumbe. This 50ft high pillar positioned at the southern end of the Hamoaze, has been used by countless captains and tug-masters as a navigational aid when moving out into Plymouth Sound. Unfortunately no one thought to give the Obelsik an inscription to inform future generations just why it was erected.
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