Image Courtesy of Colyn Thomas
The Ilex Hedge - protecting and concealing both the French and English Gardens on the exposed seaward side , this great Ilex hedge is over 31ft high and 300ft or more long. It takes 2 men a fortnight to trim and consists mainly of Laurus-Tirus Viburnum tinus, a native of South East Europe, cultivated in Britain since the 16th century. This hedge has been in existence since the 17th century . Before the first world war trimming was usually done with a pruning knife and although modern shears are now used the work still takes a ling time. This photograph shows the hedge being cut in 1893. The man on the taller ladder is believed photograph of George Phillips when he was head gardener at Mount Edgcumbe.  His colleague Richard Walters is on the smaller ladder.  George worked for Mount Edgcumbe from the age of 14 full time until he was 70 years old and part time until he was 72. Many thanks to Katy Phillips for supplying the information.
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