Image Courtesy of Colyn Thomas
Pickleombe Fort is situated about 1.5 miles along the coast from the Garden Battery. Facing seawards it was the site of an Earthen Battery some time in the early 19th century. The fort was built between 1848-1849 and is situated impressively on the waters edge below the cliff. Because of its exposed position, its massive constructionis is double tiered; fabricated in Granite, Brick and Iron protected also by Iron shields of immense strength. The two tiers originally housed 42 guns in all the upper tier being the same as the Garden Battery with 9inch 12 ton Guns plus the lower 10inch 18 ton guns. The larger guns fired a 400lb Palliser shell and together with 70lbs of gun powder could penetrate 12inches of iron at 1000yards. This fort together with others at Bovisand and the Breakwater could completely cover Plymouth Sound with their guns In recent years Picklecombe Fort has been converted into 103 luxury flats
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