Image Courtesy of Colyn Thomas
The old blacksmiths shop at Millbrook. Some indication of the extent of local Industry thriving in the area during the earlier years of this century may be understood by noting that there was at one time no fewer than five artisans engaged as blacksmiths in the village of Millbrook. They were: MR JACK SAMMELS – Who worked a forge situated at the junction of Newport Street and the bottom of Blindwell Hill. This business was previously owned by Mr Brown; MR COLMER – Who had a smithery in the Greenland area; MR JACK POTE – Who’s forge formed part of the site on which now stands as the Filling Station; MR HARRIS – Who was an Engineer/Blacksmith working at the MILL WORKSHOP and employed by the MSC to help maintain their Ferries/Pleasure Craft in good order; MR WILLIAM ARNOLD – who pursued his craft in what was to be the last working forge in the village. Located at what used to be the NE Corner of the old MILLBROOK QUAY. The old Blacksmith’s shop was subsequently purchased by Mr George Buss who demolished the old building which was built of random stone and erected in its stead the shop which now houses his car repair business.
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