Image Courtesy of Colyn Thomas
Guns at the Blockhouse. The Blockhouse stands on that point of land which form the Cornish side of the narrowest part of the entrance into the harbour. It was built with a similar one on the opposite side of the narrows in the reign of Queen Elizibeth for the defence of Plymouth.Against one of its sides 2 moonstone columns have been erected for a seat. It has in front of it a saluting battery of captured French guns. A Tablet set in the wall provides a description from Carew's survey of 1620: "Both sides of the narrow entrance are fenced with Blockhouses and that near to Mount Edgcumbe was to be planted in ordanance, which, at coming and departing with their base voices greeting such guests as visited the house". The other Blockhouse referred to is still standing on the opposite rocks, a modern redoubt has been erected on the hill above it.The Battery was resrtored in 1747
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